In a world cursed by the gods the sun has been banished.
Only the two strongest species remain.
Vampires versus Werewolves
Who will win?
Come, join the battle and see if you will be the one to reign supreme over the Eternal Night!

Eternal Night II is a mud that has seperated itself from all others. EN is a text based fantasy world that has withstood the trials of time for over a decade.

Eternal Night II is based on a very heavily modified Godwars 95 code base. It has two classes: Vampires and Werewolves, which have been meticulously balanced.

This mud is for those who love pure unbridled pk. We offer an extensive clan system that is unique, and is the driving force behind most conflict on the game. A class remort system is in place and there are no stat or experience limits.

It shouldn’t take you long to feel comfortable in the Eternal Night, but it takes a lot skill and effort to rise above the rest and own the Night.

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©Eternal Night 2008